All families have skeletons in their closets.

Did you know: When you learn that a loved one has died, you might attach strong memories not only to the place they passed away, but also to the place you were when you heard the news.

Content warning: This game contains curse words and discusses mature themes, including accidental death and substance abuse.


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I was a bit lost with the story until I ran through the story a second time, then it started to make sense. It was quite unfortunate the mother had such excruciating pain, however she was still kind despite that. It reminds me of my grandma because she had few health problems that hindered her quality of life. Despite that she was always thinking about others.

Thank you! Yes, the story is a bit convoluted. I wanted to tell it in a non-linear manner, and I'm not sure how well I succeeded in making that clear, but I'm glad it made more sense the second time through. And I'm glad you got the right impression from the grandmother even though the character development was kept a little hidden, but she is based on my own grandmother who was very sweet.


oh i love this, i really got emotional at the end! and the presentation feels so cinematic too!

Thank you!


this is really impressive, not just for a first bitsy but in general! really great storytelling and atmosphere.


Thank you so much!! And thanks for making image to bitsy, it really spiced up my otherwise bland visuals, hehe.


This is such a emotional story, and wonderful presentation. The POV-shift surprised me, it was probably my favorite part!


Thank you, glad you liked it <3