Designed to be played with friends or a date, Meteor Night shows a peaceful sky full of 8-bit stars. Sometimes a meteor will fly across the sky. Turn down the lights, bring a blanket and snacks, and enjoy Meteor Night together.

A game based on the Famicase "Meteor Night" for the "Chill"-themed A Game By Its Cover jam 2018.


There's a meteor shower coming, and you take your friend or date stargazing after dark. They've never gone stargazing before, so you'll have to point out any meteors you see to your friend or date.

It's chilly outside, so make sure you keep your friend or date warm. If they see a beautiful meteor, they will forget the cold for a little while; if they keep missing meteors you point out, they'll grow frustrated and cold.

Eventually, though, they'll probably want to go home. Maybe to your place?


  • Mouse / arrow keys: Look around the sky
  • Left click / X: Point out meteor

Chill/Chill Out

Press C on the title screen to toggle between Chill mode and Chill Out mode.

In the default Chill mode, your friend or date will get colder with time. Point out as many meteors as you can to get a new high score.

In Chill Out mode, it's a warm, summer night; you won't get cold, and can just chill out as long as you want to. High score is not tracked in this mode.

Credits and links


Title screen and cartridge art by Ashley Davis, based on an idea by Eric Caoili and JC Fletcher of Tiny Cartridge, used with permission.

Other assets

Other games

This is far from the first game based on this Famicase, but I wanted to make one that matched the description a little more closely. Here are previous entries:


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Meteor Night for PICO-8 18 kB

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