Draw a single stroke, flip tiles from black to white or vice versa, and turn each single line into a solid color each. A Polarium fan game for the PICO-8.

Features 100 levels, and a level editor so you can make your own levels or play other people's custom levels. Custom level passwords are fully compatible with Polarium.

Lexaloffle BBS thread


  • Arrow keys: Move
  • Z: Primary key (select menu item, draw and finish stroke)
  • X: Secondary key (go back, cancel stroke)
  • Enter: Menu (pause, go back, show hint)

Instead of Z/X, you can use C/V or N/M (if you use a QZERTY keyboard, for example).

Install instructions

You can download this game as a .P8.PNG cartridge that can be loaded and played in PICO-8, or as stand-alone executable programs for Linux, Mac OS X or Windows.


PICO-8 cartridge 25 kB
picolarium_windows.zip 865 kB
picolarium_linux.zip 481 kB
picolarium_mac.zip 1 MB

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