Post-launch interview with Freddie Finkle

Interview With Freddie Finkle

Originally posted on Reldni Production's web site (archived link on the WayBack Machine)

After the mysterious departure of Joe Smitz, Reldni Productions hired Freddie Finkle as the new head of software development. Freddie currently is overseeing The Vinnie’s Tomb trilogy. On May 20th 1997, Freddie took time out of his busy schedule to talk to Reldni correspondent, John Morgan.

Picture of Freddie Finkle.
Photo by Scott "Web Boy" Soroko.

JOHN : First of all, let's talk about the recently released Windows '95 game, "Vinnie's Tomb Chapter One (For Lack Of A Better Title)". Are you satisfied with the final product?

FREDDIE : Being a trilogy the game is one third of a puzzle. The significance cannot be realized until the Sinister Zebras make the scene. It's been a collaborative effort and it will continue to be dark after Samuel Stevens leaves the boat.

JOHN : I really don't understand what you said, but I'll go on to the next question. Rumor has it that there are hidden bonus levels in the game. Can you verify this?

FREDDIE: How do you answer a question like that?

JOHN : Yes or no would suffice.

FREDDIE : I'm not saying.

JOHN: The game is currently available only on the Web. The downloadable file is over seven megabytes. Do you believe some people are reluctant to download a file that large?

FREDDIE: Probably yes. There really isn't anything I can do about it. We considered releasing a trimmed down version of the game without the sound files. In the end I felt any modifications would affect the overall experience of playing the game.

JOHN: What kind of feedback have you received?

FREDDIE: It's been really positive. I'd like to thank all the people on the net that helped us iron out the bugs. Beta 5.0 of "Vinnie's Tomb" is the current release. Until we discover any other problems it will remain the official version. That means there may not be a Version 1.0.

JOHN: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

FREDDIE: Something like that.

Like I was saying, the feedback has been mostly positive. There have been a few complaints from people who don't want to use Microsoft Internet Explorer. "Vinnie's Tomb" requires Internet Explorer.

JOHN: Why is that?

FREDDIE: I'm not quite sure. It just doesn't seem to work without it.

JOHN: Do you have any idea how many people have downloaded "Vinnie's Tomb - Chapter One"?

FREDDIE: Probably somewhere between 600 to 700 so far. Maybe more.

JOHN: The second chapter of "Vinnie's Tomb" is scheduled for release this summer. Do you know what month?

FREDDIE: I'm not sure yet.

JOHN: I suppose your programming team is busy 24 hours a day.

FREDDIE: No, the programmers are having a major chess competition. I'll probably end up writing the code myself during the last week of August.

JOHN: What will Chapter Two be like?

FREDDIE: If I don't start writing it soon, it will look like Chapter One with a different colour scheme. It's been nice talking to you John. I have to go now.

JOHN: Thank you Freddie. I'll let you get back to your work.

FREDDIE: Actually it's my turn to play pin the tail on the donkey. Have you ever tried playing with a moving target? Anyway, I have to go.

Please note that shortly after this interview Finkle was fired by Reldni Productions President Troy Scott.

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