chibi challenge

Remove all 28 squares from the board in a neverending series of calm, randomized puzzles in a pixelated, hard-to-see resolution.

Chibi Challenge is fun for all ages. Are you ready for the challenge? Feel free to leave your high scores and custom puzzles in the comments below.

A tiny, 64x64 demake of my game Patrick's Cyberpunk Challenge for the LOWREZJAM. For the full experience, including a riveting plot in a harsh, dystopian world, please play that game.


The object of the game is to move Patrick around the game board and remove all 28 squares. Squares with coloured balls will remove extra squares and can make the game trickier.

The games are randomly generated, but you can also create your own games or input game codes made by others.


  • Arrow keys / mouse: Select square
  • Z / mouse click: Move

Puzzle codes

Puzzles are represented by the seven numbers in the bottom left corner. You can write down codes from interesting random puzzles you encounter, or make your own puzzles in the "Custom" mode and share the codes with your friends.

Use the mouse to place objects, and press Z to play the puzzle.

The codes are compatible with Patrick's Cyberpunk Challenge.


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PICO-8 cartridge 14 kB 1 MB 483 kB 871 kB


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Nice brain teaser.